Sunlounge Tanning Studio & Spa is the first tanning studio of its kind to reduce its energy demand by up to 30% with the use of solar power. We offer the latest in UV and UV-Free tanning technology with an environmentally responsible approach. We call it “guilt free tanning.” In a sense, we’re the sun’s middle man. Sunlounge also offers personalized spa services to help maintain healthy, beautiful skin. All you need to do is relax, and feel beautiful.



Sunlounge aims to be as environmentally conscious as possible, and here’s how. We used BAMBOO WALLS to reduce the demand on more popular woods that are becoming scarce due to deforestation, and are more difficult to replace than fast-growing bamboo. We also use ECO-FRIENDLY NON-TOXIC paints that are better for the environment and better for us. Our hot water is heated by a TANK-LESS WATER HEATER which reduces CO2 by burning less natural gas, and supplying hot water only when needed through a flash-heat process. Sometimes the small steps are the most important ones, and that’s our mission. We know that as a customer you always have a choice in where you tan. Only now has there been a choice in how you tan.


To find out more about new Sunlounge locations coming soon, or to inquire about joining the Sunlounge family, and a growing new GREEN business, please email Nick Spano at